Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Two unusual symptoms have been named as a sign of vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is produced in the body by exposure to the sun. However, during the cold season, many people are deficient in it. This essential fat-soluble compound is essential for maintaining healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Its deficiency can lead to serious consequences. Doctors have recommended paying attention to two unusual symptoms that can indicate dangerously low levels of the substance, writes Patient UK.


Some people with a deficiency of the “sunshine vitamin” report general fatigue, vague pain, and poor health. Corresponding signs are enhanced with a critically low level of a substance in the body. “Muscle weakness can cause difficulties when climbing stairs or getting up from the floor or low chair. In some cases, a person’s gait begins to change,” the doctors shared the details.

Bone pain

Bone pain also occurs when vitamin D is deficient. Moreover, as a rule, the pain is very noticeable in the ribs and lower leg. According to doctors, pain also appears in the lower back, hips, pelvis and feet.

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