Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Those who want to farm experience in Battlefield 2042 become the "harvest" themselves

Those with early access to Battlefield 2042 are using the new Portal mode to set up an “experience farm”. Players are lured and the coveted points are stuffed on them

Battlefield 2042 is out for everyone on November 19, 2021, but in the meantime, only special edition buyers can go to the battlefields.

The developers have proposed a new “Portal” mode, in which you can create your own game modes. Particularly adventurous players began to organize “experience farms”: the server is filled with bots, and a group of players-farmers kill them in order to easily gain experience. In the settings, you can reduce the level of their health and even disable weapons to make it easier to gain experience.

They did not ignore this and soon released an update that reduced the efficiency of the farms, but a new problem appeared. Those who want to gain experience in a simple way have not gone anywhere and are now organizing trap servers: a player who wants to shoot at bots gets into the team not to the farmers, but to the victims. As a result, he himself becomes a “harvest” on which experience is stuffed.

According to the PC Gamer journalist, some players remain in the lobby and try to deal with the farmers with a simple knife.

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