Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

The main trends in medicine are identified

Natalya Krutikova, physiologist of the Russian service Engy Health, named two main trends in medicine: the development of predictive and integrative medicine. She explained their features in a conversation with as part of the CyberReality project.

In predictive medicine, the human genome is deciphered, which makes it possible not only to find out his predisposition to diseases, but also to choose the right treatment for diseases that have already made themselves felt. Integrative medicine perceives the human body as a whole, and doctors do not treat a specific organ or system, but consider the disease in general.

In the future, diseases can be detected in advance, when a person does not yet have obvious symptoms. The new equipment will help the doctors in this. It will determine the risk of developing certain diseases in a practically healthy person. The technician will recognize the first symptoms and inform the doctors about it.

Engy Health has developed a small gadget to control the heart rate. Its users are offered to take measurements in the morning and in the evening: the algorithm will analyze the change in heart rate and tell about the health status of the owner of the device, and at the same time give useful advice.

“We are confident that measuring heart rate variability will soon become as common a component of a health examination as measuring blood pressure,” says Krutikova. According to the company’s specialists, it is important to learn how to predict diseases – then it will be easier to treat them.

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