Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Team Members

Freddie Cuadrado (LEAD EDITOR)

After spending around 8.5 Years of his professional life playing with the share market numbers, Freddie has decided on soaring up the business writing skills by completing an online course, Udemy. He is definitely one of the gems at handling the Business domain. Freddie is very clear about penning down some of the interesting numbers of the market. His years of experience has helped the younger colleagues to learn more and improve their skill set.

Email: [email protected]

Bridgette Turcotte (NEWS REPORTER)

Bridgette holds a degree in Astrophysics along with some of the online distance courses certifications in content writing covering science domain. Bridgette is a very intellectual and linguistic personality who has all her colleagues and near and dear ones flattered by her knowledge of space and by the use of highly skilled catch on the words.

Email: [email protected]