Ruling In Favor Of Dyson For Energy Efficiency Labeling Of Vacuum Cleaner

Ruling In Favor Of Dyson For Energy Efficiency Labeling Of Vacuum Cleaner

Home appliances maker Dyson has won a long pending battle in a European court over the manner in which the energy efficiency factor of its vacuum cleaners has been labeled. After four years of legal battle EU’s general court ruled in Dyson’s favor as tests about efficiency failed to reflect real-life conditions of use. The UK firm said that this ruling was a win for its customers as the lab tests prescribed by the court “blatantly discriminated” against the firm’s patented cyclone technology by testing its vacuum cleaners when empty of dust.

The brand is best recognized for its bag-less cleaners and said that its models using these bags lost suction and became less inefficient as they filled leading to inaccurate reports by government labs. The firm argued that these tests misled consumers about the real environmental impact of its machines. Dyson also said that some vacuum cleaner manufacturers exploited government regulations by using a low powered motor during the testing phase and then use powerful technology to increase motor power automatically when the machine fills with dust to make it appear efficient. The General court ruling annulled current labeling regulations and stated that they will remain in place for 10 weeks to allow appeal time.

Dyson has compared its situation to Volkswagen’s scandal in which its engineers deliberately drove a bus through exhaust emissions legislation. Luckily the court concluded that EU legislation was faulty and it benefitted rivals like Siemens and Bosch. The home appliance manufacturer also suggested that Commission discriminated in favor of continental manufacturers and it is the bureaucrats but not companies that are accused. The firm also alleged that several vacuum cleaners with A-rated efficiency would drop to G grade once they are used and the existing policies benefitted predominantly German manufactures as they lobbied senior commission officials. While expressing joy at the win the firm expressed its sadness at the EU’s anti-competitive behavior that has existed for so long.

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