Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Noviosense Bringing Eyelid Glucose Sensor To Tap Diabetes With Needles

Only due to the fact that the glucose-monitoring contact lens by the parent company of Google has shelved verily, doesn’t imply that the people don’t have any option of an unintrusive way to manage diabetes. As discovered by the IEEE Spectrum amid a recent study that showcases the promises for Noviosense, a Dutch-based startup that is bringing its very own wearable glucose monitor that is able to measure the tears just by sitting in the lower eyelid of the patient.

A coil of a spring-shape is so much accurate than 95% of the test data is equally effective as that of the report generated using a blood test and is pretty much acceptable. For a difference, earlier studies showed that tears might have just 70% of the correlation at its best.

The technology started working by capturing the basal tears or a continuous tears’ stream that is not in need of any sort of stimulation. As per Christopher Wilson, founder of Noviosense, contact lenses such as Verily’s have a limitation of dry out the layer of eyes, pool-up the fluid or else develop an unreliable tears’ source. And the most asked thing that the contact lens should be comfortable. It should be designed in a way that it should place on the eyelid for a longer duration of time and should not pop out while the individual rubs his eyes.

There is an issue with the research that it has involved only 6 individuals. The Dutch-based startups should conduct the tests on more individuals and incorporate further changes before launching it officially in the market. However, among all these the best fact is that the technology is advancing at a great pace and there will be an innovation that can help to keep eye on diabetes without using any needle and cause any distress or pain.

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