Microsoft Word For Android Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Billion Times

Microsoft Word For Android Has Been Downloaded Over 1 Billion Times

Microsoft lately hit a specific noteworthy milestone: its Android version of Microsoft Word has surpassed the mark of 1 Billion for downloads, as per the Google Play Store.

The firm’s other Office applications are also performing pretty well. Spreadsheet app PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and OneNote each have over 500 Million downloads, while Android’s email client Outlook has over 100 Million downloads. Media points out that these numbers are not essentially installed from the firm’s Play Store, claiming that Microsoft has some deals with some makers to preinstall its apps on different machines.

The milestone is also a bit sarcastic. The previous month, Bill Gates claimed to the media in a statement that his “greatest fault ever” was missing out on the world of the mobile operating system, claiming that there is only space for one rival for iOS and that it must have been “an obvious thing for Microsoft to overtake.” But, while the mobile efforts of Microsoft have never surpassed the success of its rivals, its mobile editions of Microsoft Office still take pleasure of a noteworthy amount of market infiltration, much similar to their desktop peers.

On a related note, Microsoft is testing the prototype Xbox controllers for tablets and phones. The controllers are fixed to the sides of machines to offer an experience that is same to Nintendo’s Switch. “The accomplishment of the Switch is evidence to the value of mobile gaming with actual controls,” claims a Microsoft Research document, seen by the local media.

Microsoft has been testing with a series of slide-in grips that can make the attachments far less bulky and more flexible as compared to the solutions that are already present such as GameVice, GameCase, and ION iCade mobile. Microsoft Research first showed these prototype controllers earlier in October, and now the firm has even copyrighted the concept.

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